Jordan Parker

Web Developer

Who's Jordan

A young ambitious, out-going, inquisitive, fellow with an affinity for the abstract arts and out of the box constructs. Not only do I love to look and try out new coding techniques. I invest my time in outdoor activities, studying videography, auditory arts, and a bit of gaming for those rainy days. Much like my the characteristics of my hobbies, I'm usually into exploratory and inquisitive ventures. And by that I can get obsessed with trying new things and methods that allow me to tinker with outcomes, which is similar to being a Full Stack developer. I feel being a developer means that you mess around with many different techniques and technologies trying to get a specific outcome. It's as if you are dealing with a puzzle. And much like puzzles, you can't see the picture until you have multiple pieces come together.

Why Am I Here

I came to better myself as a developer and set forth a new path that will allow me to have a better future. I truly aspire to be a great Full Stack developer so that I may help future employers, but mainly create something that could benefit people in my community and others in other communities.

What Have I Learned

I found that through web development, I've had better insight on tackling large problems. I've learned to break large problems down into smaller sections, and then take those smaller sections and has out the finer details in them. Along with tackling large problems, I've excelled in working with groups and understanding the roles each person plays. It's important to understand that most problems or projects, whether it be at work or in life, are easier to tackle with a community to help.

Vision As A Developer

With the way tech world is moving, I do see myself getting more work experience at first so that I can get a full grasp of how the tech environment is. Once I get a good grip on it, of course I want to move forward onto making a beneficial app to help service other people, particularly small local business owners to help compete with larger chain stores. I see the world moving closer and closer to online retail, so I would love to help those business transition to more of an online presence and drive traffic their way.

How this experience is helping me achieve my goals

Code School is giving me the knowledge, the tools, resources, and practical use with these skills to help move me toward my overall developer goals. The program shows me day in and day out everything you need to do to be a successful development.

My Projects!

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